Tulsi leaves uses, benefits and recipe

Friends Tulsi leaves uses in our Hindu religion and mythological According to the system of medicine. It is considered very pure and beneficial for health. Even today in our Hindu religion, people of every caste and community plant Tulsi plant in their homes. And worship him too.

Along with the religious beliefs of Tulsi plant and Tulsi leaves, it also has many health benefits. For example, it is very beneficial for reducing high blood pressure, dissolving kidney stones and for diabetic patients.

Just like other plants In the same way it is also a medicinal plant. And you are going to get plenty of vitamins and minerals in it Almost all kinds of cure are found inside the leaves of Tulsi. They are very helpful in fighting and boosting the immunity system in the body.

It has been given the status of a goddess in our ancient Indian system of medicine. The Tulsi tree has many religious beliefs in Hinduism and this is the reason why you will see it planted in the courtyard of almost every Hindu house. Many species of Tulsi plant are found and among them White and Krishna are the main species of Tulsi.

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What is tulsi leaves

Tulsi leaves uses is a medicinal plant. Usually the Tulsi plant is 30  to 60  centimeters high. Apart from this, the flowers of Tulsi plant are small white and purple in color. The flowering and fruiting period of this medicinal plant is from July to October.

Scientific name of tulsi leaves

  • The scientific name of holy tulsi is Ocimum tenuflorum.
  • Scientific name of basil is Ocimum basilicum

Difference between tulsi and basil

Tulsi and Basil are two different plants, the botanical name of tulsi is Ocimum tenuiflorum. Whereas the botanical name of basil is also Ocimum Basilicum. Both Tulsi and basil belong to the Lamiaceae family. Basil leaves are edible and are mainly used for culinary dishes. Whereas Tulsi is mainly used as an indigenous medicinal ingredient. This is the main difference between Basil and Tulsi.

Tulsi leaves uses and benefits

There are many health benefits of tulsi leaves uses And by consuming them, you can increase your immunity power as well as keep other people safe from yourself. Let us know, other health benefits of basil leaves which are as follows

Beneficial in dry cough and asthma

Tulsi leaves uses for patients suffering from asthma and dry cough troubled people. It is very panacea and medicine. To get rid of these diseases, you have to wash basil leaves, onion juice. And licking it with honey, one gets rid of these diseases.

Cure indigestion

If your digestive system is bad And you can’t digest food easily. So in such a situation, if you grind three to five basil leaves and take it at least three to four times a day, you can get rid of problems like indigestion! basil leaves in hindi

Reduce burning of urine

If you feel a burning sensation while urinating, then in such a situation you can use basil seeds. Mix 2 gram powder of cumin seeds in basil seeds and additionally mix 3 grams sugar candy with it in the morning and evening. If consumed, burning in urine and other urinary problems can be cured.

Beneficial in importance

Mixing equal quantity of tulsi seed powder and root (J) powder 1  to 3  grams and jaggery in equal quantity with cow’s milk daily continuously for 1 month through this method you can cure serious diseases like impotence, premature emasculation etc.

Beneficial in sprains

If you have any kind of wound And you are troubled by the swelling and pain in it. So in such a situation, four to five tulsi leaves uses should be consumed continuously. And it cures inflammation and other wound related problems.

On snake bite

If any person has been bitten by a snake And the person is very upset due to the pain of snakebite. So in such a situation, that person should extract the juice of at least 5 to 10 tulsi leaves uses And it should be given little by little and by applying the paste of tulsi leaves on the place of snake bite, the pain of that place also ends. If a person has become unconscious due to snake bite. So in such a situation, one drop at a time in his nose, tulsi juice should be poured for a short time.

In removing bad breath

The bad breath of a person who has a bad digestive system also becomes very bad. Tulsi contains all the properties of digestion inside itself and by consuming it the digestive system becomes correct, apart from this, bad breath also gets corrected by its consumption.

For hair falling

If you are troubled due to hair fall and are looking for a perfect treatment for it, then Tulsi plant can prove to be quite a cure for you in this disease. To cure the problem of hair or hair fall, you have to prepare a paste of tulsi leaves uses and apply it well on the skin of your scalp.

In kidney stones

Tulsi detoxifies the body and has diuretic properties. It reduced the level of uric acid in the our body. That is the main causes for the formation of kidney stones. Gout patients also get relief by reducing the level of uric acid.

Beneficial in acidity

Tulsi leaves uses help in curing indigestion and loss of appetite. As a result, the problem of acidity is cured. It is also used to treat flatulence, acidity and bloating.

Improve heart health

The ingredients present in Tulsi leaves uses reduce the risk of ischemia and stroke by lowering blood lipids. Tulsi leaves have a profound effect on the treatment and prevention of heart diseases due to its high antioxidant properties and lowering high blood pressure.

Reduce oxidative stress

Tulsi is a powerhouse of antioxidants (free-radicals). These ingredient as the name suggests, combat free radicals found in your body. Free radicals that cause significant damage to cells and cause many health complications like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis.

Tulsi contains flavonoids, which boost your immune system. Slow down the effects of aging, and protect your cellular structure from damage.

Reduce depression

Tulsi contains adaptogen, which is an anti-stress substance. It helps combat anxiety and depression while stimulating neurotransmitters that control hormones that produce energy and happiness. So sip a cup of hot tea with holy tulsi and see the difference!

Tulsi tea recipe

A health-boosting and refreshing tea that can boost your mood with added health benefits.

Ingredients for tulsi tea:

Tulsi leaves – 8 to 10
Water – 1 cup approx 200ml.
Pure honey – 1 tsp
Cardamom powder – a pinch

Method for making tulsi tea:

Take 200ml water in a pan, add tulsi leaves and cardamom powder. Boil it for 4-5 minutes or till it starts smelling of tea. Now take it off the flame and serve hot with honey.
With all the above mentioned health benefits, Tulsi or Basil is indeed a miraculous herb. Be sure to make it an integral part of your diet. When you have stomach stress, skin disease, or you want to get cure of cold-cough or flu, tulsi leaves are always beneficial. However, consult a healthcare provider before consuming basil daily.

Note: Do not chew Tulsi or basil with your teeth, it should be swallowed directly. It contains mercury which can damage your teeth.


If you were unaware of the unmistakable health benefits of tulsi leaves uses till now, then this article of ours today would have proved to be very beneficial in providing you information about the many health benefits of basil. If you have any question or suggestion related, then you must tell us in the comment box. Apart from this, if you know about other benefits of Tulsi, then you can also inform us about it in the comment box. Thank you

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