Symptoms of thyroid in women

Symptoms of thyroid in women: The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland in the middle of the lower part of the neck that controls the body’s metabolism. Whatever we eat, this gland works to convert that food into energy. Along with this, it also affects the heart, muscles, bones and cholesterol.

How hair grows, what mood you’re in, how well your immune system works, energy levels, how efficiently you digest food, how your metabolism works, and even your internal prowess, are all about your The thyroid rests on a delicate balance of hormones.

This is the reason that when your thyroid is not working properly, you may see many such symptoms. There are many causes of thyroid problems, such as autoimmune thyroid problems or low T3 syndrome and when your body is not converting the inactive T4 hormone into the active, usable T3 form.

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Symptoms Of thyroid In Female

Thyroid is one of the largest number of diseases after diabetes and heart disease. The symptoms of this disease are not taken very seriously because these symptoms are more with age and at the time of menopause. Women are more prone to thyroid problems than men. The risk of developing it also increases with increasing age

Due to thyroid, the rate of metabolism slows down, due to which the accumulation of fat in your body and weight gain starts. Due to this there is constant tiredness and sleeplessness. Even after any light physical activity, a person feels very tired

Irregularities in periods start in women. The problem of depression also arises from this disease. According to a research, mental stress is related to low production of thyroid hormones, but patients of depression do not undergo thyroid test due to which this disease is not detected.

Hair fall

Hair loss is also a symptoms of thyroid in women. Although it is considered quite common, but in this disease, hair starts disappearing or starts falling from any one place, as well as lack of sleep, due to which there is also a disease like insomnia. Apart from this, the color of the skin of the victim also starts changing.

Weight Loss

In thyroid disease, the person feels excessive hunger and yet the weight starts increasing rapidly, apart from this there is also a complaint of always being constipated. The problem of weight loss along with weight gain has also been seen when there is a thyroid in the neck. Symptoms of thyroid in women should be taken seriously

Use Of Soy Products

A major reason for having thyroid is the excessive use of soy products in the diet. Throat thyroid is easily produced due to eating this type of diet. That is symptoms of thyroid in women.


Thyroid disease is also genetic, if someone in your family or in your blood has ever had thyroid, then you can also get this disease very easily. Its crucial of symptoms of thyroid in women.

Food should be include in your diet

Iodine: Thyroid patient should eat iodine rich food. Iodine reduces the side effects of the thyroid gland.

Fish: Iodine is found in high amounts in fish. Although iodine is found in all fish, but marine fishes contain a high amount of iodine.

Dairy products: Vitamins, minerals, calcium and other nutrients are found in sufficient quantity in milk and curd. Eating curd increases the immunity of the body.

Liquorice: Nutrients are found in this which helps in balancing the thyroid gland and eliminates fatigue.

Soy: There are chemicals found in soy milk, tofu or soyabeans that help the hormones to work smoothly. But at the same time you have to control the amount of iodine.

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