Evion 400 uses, doses, price and precautions

Evion 400 uses for the deficiency of Vitamin E.  Evion 400 tablet is used for many other things.  Today’s article is going to be very special. Because in this article I am going to give you complete information about Evion 400 uses, dosage, benefits and side effects of Evion 400. Our body needs the right amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats to function properly.

By the way, these nutrients are found only with our food. But sometimes we do not get all these nutrients in sufficient quantity from food alone. Also uses of this medicine increases the glow of the face, reduces hair fall and cures dandruff.

In such a situation, by consuming any fruit, nuts, etc., we take the nutrients in the right amount.  Every vitamin is found in different food, medicine, fruit.  Therefore, when we are deficient in Vitamin E, our doctors recommend taking Evion 400 tablets to make up for its deficiency. And this tablet is also used for other nutrients too. So let’s refer the complete information about Evion 400 uses without wasting time.

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What is evion 400 tablet or capsule

Evion 400 Capsule is a prescription drug. This medicine is mainly used to overcome the deficiency of Vitamin E. And it is also used for other diseases. Evion 400 is currently used in these diseases, such as neuropathy, hair problems, castrol, to cure hormones, to remove stretch marks. It is an anti-oxidant capsule. Vitamin E is found in natural plants like wheat, oil, fruits, lentils, minerals like pulses. All these ingredients are used in a single Evion 400 capsule. This capsule is manufactured by Merck Consumer Healthcare Limited Company.

Evion 400 uses and benefits

This capsule is not only used for the supply of fungus, vitamin E. Rather it has many other benefits too. Let us know about the benefits of Evion 400 uses one by one.

  • Antioxidants are found in Vitamin E. Which is very beneficial in increasing the glow of our face, and for the hair. If you use it properly then only you will get to see its benefits. If you do not use it properly, then its side effects are also seen.
  • Vitamin E deficiency causes many diseases. Sometimes a small disease can turn into a big disease. When we do not get enough vitamin E from our diet, then we have to take the help of external medicine. If you are also deficient in Vitamin E, then you can take this medicine.
  • It has other advantages such as
  • Corrects hormonal balance.
  • Improves shine by repairing hair and skin. And it looks so beautiful.
  • It greatly helps in the development of the fetus in pregnancy.
  • It also removes the problem of eyesight.
  • By applying Evion 400 uses on the face, minor blemishes of the face are removed. And your façade starts to melt.

Doses of evion 400 tablet or capsules

The dosage of this Avion 400 uses depends on your disease. If you have any chronic disease then you have to take more dose of it. If you have any common disease then you have to take its common dose.

  • An adult person should take only 1 capsule once a day. Although it depends on your disease.
  • Before giving its dosage to children below 7 years of age, you must consult a nearest pediatrician once. Do not use this medicine without doctor’s advice.
  • If you are using this medicine for a long time and you are not getting any result, then you must contact a doctor once! And follow the dosage as prescribed by the doctor

precaution during evion 400 uses

Some precautions should be taken while consuming Evion Capsule. If you do not follow these precautions then your chances of getting Evion 400 Capsule side effects increases.

  • If you experience any allergic reaction after taking Evion 400 Capsule, then you should immediately reduce the dosage and contact the doctor.
  • Always take the same dosage. And do not take more or less its dosage by yourself. Until the doctor says something.
  • This medicine should never be consumed on an empty stomach. Taking the medicine on an empty stomach can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, always use this medicine after eating food.
  • People suffering from diabetes mellitus should use this Evion 400 capsule medicine with great care

Evion 400 capsules or tablet price

If we talk about the price of Evion 400 Capsule, then it is a very affordable medicine. There are 10 capsules in one strip. The cost of one strip (10 capsules) is only 28 rupees.

Side effects of evion 400 uses

If you use Avion Capsule incorrectly. Or if you take an overdose of it, then only the side effects of this medicine are seen. And its side effects are as follows.

  • Feeling like a strain in the stomach.
  • Occasional loose motions.
  • There may also be reddening of the skin or the appearance of a red rash on the body.
  • Massive hair fall.
  • Itching on the body
  • Head and body aches.
  • Etc. Evion 400 Capsule has side effects

Interaction of evion 400 capsules

If you have to take more than one medicine together. So you should ask the doctor about the possible consequences that could be due to drug interactions. Evion 400 uses review refers to this fact. That this medicine should not be taken with blood clotting, chemotherapy, liver treatment or cholesterol-lowering drugs. The following medicines should also not be taken with Evion 400 Capsule.

  • Clopidogrel
  • Colesevelam
  • Heparin
  • Ferrous fumarate
  • Carbonyl iron
  • Tipranavir
  • Warfarin
  • Aspirin
  • Acitrom

How to store evion 400 capsules

Store Evion 400mg below 25°C. Store the medicine packet in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight and heat. Do not use Evion 400 after the expiry date.

direction for evion 400 uses

Take Evion 400 uses Capsule after food and as directed by your doctor. You should not take vitamin supplements in more than the recommended daily dose.

Other precautions

You should not take this supplement if you are allergic to any ingredient of this medicine. Also you are going to have some surgery or operation too. So you may be asked to stop taking these supplements at least 2-3 weeks before the procedure. Vitamin E supplements are intended to make up for the lack of this vitamin in some people’s diets.

And it doesn’t have to be a substitute for a well-balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. High doses of vitamin E may increase the risk of bleeding in the body.

Some FAQs about evion 400 capsules

Question1. Can anyone use Avion 400 Capsule?

Ans – Before using this medicine, you must consult your nearest doctor once. Do not take this medicine without consulting.

Question2. Does the use of Avion 400 Capsule make the face glow?

Ans – Yes, its use brings glow on the face to a great extent. And it also removes dark circles under the eyes. Due to which your face starts glowing even more.

Question3. Which foods should be taken to overcome the deficiency of Vitamin E?

Ans – Substances like almonds, peanuts, leafy vegetables, sunflower, lentils are used to overcome the deficiency of vitamin E.

Question4. Why is there a deficiency of Vitamin E in the body?

Ans – Since Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin, its deficiency mainly occurs due to poor absorption of fats in the body. It is common in people suffering from diseases related to liver, pancreas and gallbladder, cystic fibrosis and Crohn’s disease.

Question5. What are the common symptoms of Vitamin E deficiency?

Ans – Vitamin E deficiency causes eye disorders, muscle weakness, loss of control over body movements and poor nerve function and immune response.

Question6. Can Evion 400 be applied on face and hair?

Ans – Evion 400 capsule can be applied on skin and hair. However, for maximum benefits, you should also consume it orally. Or use Evian cream or its hair oil rich in Vitamin E.

Question7. Does Evion 400 affect on menstruation?

Ans – No, generally it does not affect the menstrual cycle. But Consult a doctor in case of menstrual problems before consuming this medicine

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