Dhanurasana yoga, bow pose benefits and how to do

Today we will talk about an asana whose name is Dhanurasana yoga. These are very beneficial in constipation, there is a problem of constipation in men and women. And related to other women who have problems with the stomach, intestines or reproductive organs. It is very beneficial in this, as well as practicing it, the problem of thyroid is also cured. Brings supply to the body, increases digestion power. And strengthens our digestive system.

Gives strength to the lungs and strengthens the spine. We can get these many things from one Dhanurasana yoga. If you are looking for any yoga, then definitely choose Dhanurasana yoga. Try to do this every morning at sunrise. This makes the whole body disease free.

I strongly recommend it for those who are suffering from constipation. That you must do Dhanurasana. By doing Dhanurasana, weight is reduced, those who have more belly fat. It is especially beneficial in the problems of the digestive system.

By keeping the digestive system improve, many types of diseases can be kept away. Those who have the problem of acidity or gastritis also get special benefits from doing Dhanurasana yoga. It has a special importance in today’s busy and uncomfortable lifestyle. It is must be done after consuming today’s chemical foods.

Due to this action, the toxic substances accumulated in the body come out due to the activation of the intestines. The purity of the body increases with Dhanurasana. At the same time, happiness arises in the mind. Due to which a new energy is transmitted in the whole body.

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What is dhanurasana yoga

Dhanurasan is a type of yoga posture, while doing it, the body becomes like a drawn bow. Therefore it is known as Dhanurasana dhanurasana yoga. That is known as BOW POSE. Dhanurasana is a major asana among the 12 asanas of Hatha Yoga. And this asana is one of the 3 asanas mentioned in yoga science to stretch the back.

The height of the children by doing this asana quite the increase. If there is pain in the spine, if there is back pain, then that is also fine. If the pain is too much then you have to avoid it but it is also good for sciatica and back pain. It is believed that to ward off any disease. Yogasana dhanurasana is a better option.

How to do dhanurasana yoga

On the first day you don’t have to do much dhanurasana yoga. At begening you can try thrice of 15-15 seconds. First of all, choose a clean place and spread a mat there. Then lie down on the ground on the stomach, keep the palm equal to the waist and while keeping the forehead from the ground. Raise both the legs upwards, then hold the ankles with both your hands and pull them towards the shoulders.

Raise the thighs according to your ability, after that raise your head and chest along with the legs, you have to do this while inhaling and exhaling. It should be done in the morning on an empty stomach, initially you have to do it for one to three times. Do it according to the capacity in the body, later you can increase its number too.

Who able to do dhanurasana yoga

There are many benefits of doing Dhanurasana yoga, do it only by a complete healthy person. If Dhanurasana is practiced regularly, So many diseases can be away far. Those who have the problem of constipation, they should compulsorily do Dhanurasana. A person suffering from asthma should also do this especially. By doing this, the amount of oxygen increases by expanding the lungs. And there is benefit in asthma disease. Those who have kidney problems should also do Dhanurasana. By doing this, the working capacity of the kidney also increases. Also those who have liver problems!

Also those who have liver problems they should do Dhanurasana yoga. By doing Dhanurasana, the liver becomes strong. Also, those who have problems with cervical and spondylitis should also do Dhanurasana. By doing this, the backbone is strengthened and there is flexibility in the spine. Those who have the problem of gas acidity, they must do it. Those who have problems with obesity and belly fat, also they do Dhanurasana.

Who avoid this dhanurasana or bow pose

If there is any problem related to heart then Dhanurasan should not be done. We should not do Dhanurasana in fever. Those who already have problems with the spinal cord and intestines should also not do Dhanurasana. Even if there is a problem of stomach like ulcer, hernia so Dhanurasana should not be done. Apart from this, people having severe sciatica and surgery should also not do Dhanurasana. Also pregnant women should not do this asana.

And Dhanurasana yoga should not be done even during the period. Those who have the problem of high blood pressure and low blood pressure. He should not do Dhanurasana and those who have migraine problem should also not to do Dhanurasana. Also, those who have extreme back pain should not do this asana.

Benefits of dhanurasana yoga

Let us now know in detail about the major diseases in which doing Dhanurasana gives special benefits. By the way, by doing Dhanurasana yoga, benefits are obtained in almost most diseases. But there are some following diseases in which doing Dhanurasana gives special benefits. These list are mentioned below.


By doing Dhanurasana, a stretch is created from the intestines to the stomach and the activity of the intestines increases. Due to the activation of the intestines, the waste accumulated in the intestines is easily cleared completely. This pose in must be done if there is a problem of constipation, doing this gives long term benefits in constipation. Due to the cleansing of the stomach, many diseases get rid of.


By doing Dhanurasana yoga, the stomach is well exercised as well as the pancreas is also exercised. In this way, the removal of insulin from the pancreas continues smoothly. Due to which the amount of sugar in the blood remains normal. both diabetes type one and diabetes type 2 are beneficial. If a person has been doing it normally all the time. So his risk of getting diabetes is greatly reduced. If a diabetic patient does Dhanurasana yoga, it can help in the expulsion of insulin by the pancreas in his body. And the amount of sugar in his blood may decrease. Therefore, a diabetic patient must do it.

Spinal card region pain

Such people that you always work by sitting on chairs for his work. Or for any other reason if those who have a complaint of spondylitis. So they should make regular practice of Dhanurasana yoga. There is a lot of exercise of the shoulders, spine and neck bones. There is flexibility in the bones of the neck and there is relief in spondylitis. The complaint of spondylitis is always due to sitting in the wrong posture. The posture of Dhanurasana is just the opposite, so it is especially beneficial in spondylitis.


Practicing of this asana stretches the chest and expands the lungs. Due to greater expansion, more air fills in the lungs. Due to which the amount of oxygen in the lungs increases. With its practice, the rate of swelling and puffiness of the lungs is also normal. That is, the practice of bow pose increases the amount of oxygen in the lungs and gives benefit in asthma. Therefore, Dhanurasana yoga must be done if there is a problem of asthma.

Back pain

Those who have back pain problem, they must do it. Doing Dhanurasana yoga gives relief in back pain. There is flexibility in the legs along with the waist and back and feeling lightness around the waist, back pain is removed. for back pain, Should be done necessarily if there is a problem of back pain. Because most of the back pain is due to constipation.

Kidney health

Kidneys also get exercised by practiced bow pose. Due to which the work capacity of the kidney increases and the kidneys clean the blood easily. It is very beneficial for all kidney diseases. A kidney patient must do this.


By doing Dhanurasana yoga, there is a stretch around the throat, due to which the thyroid gland becomes active. And the level of thyroxine hormone become is normal. It is especially beneficial in both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism problems. Therefore, if there is a problem of thyroid, must be done it.


This is very important for reducing belly fat. Doing this strengthens the digestive system and helps in reducing weight in obesity. While doing Dhanurasana yoga, there is a stretch on the stomach, which reduces belly fat. Weight is also reduced and the body becomes shapely. Also the problem of gastritis goes away, which is the main reason for weight gain. Therefore, the problem of gastritis is removed.

Regulate menstrual cycle

The problem of irregular menstruation in women is removed when practiced it. Usually this is due to hormone imbalance, apart from this, the problem of irregular menstruation also arises due to thyroid and stress. By doing Dhanurasana yoga, the exercise of the genitals including the uterus becomes abundant. Due to which the hormonal estrogen level of women is normal. And the problem of irregular menstruation is removed, so such women who complain of menstrual irregularities. If she practices this asana regularly, then the problem of irregular menstruation gets rid of.

Liver function

In this pose, the whole stomach gets done well exercised. The waste stored in the liver also starts coming out. And the working capacity of the liver starts increasing. Having a strong liver prevents many diseases. The problem of fatty liver is also removed, so almost everyone must do Dhanurasana yoga.


In some yoga poses, stretching your breath is part of yoga. But in dhanurasana yoga you do not need to hold your breath. Follow the correct breathing pattern to benefit from this pose. Keep inhaling as you raise your legs. Avoid expanding your chest by holding your breath.

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